Happy Father’s Day…or is it?

After preaching dozens of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day sermons – honoring great fathers and mothers with messages about how important these God-ordained roles are – I realized that it isn’t such a “happy day” for many who are sitting in church pews.  For many, days like this past Sunday serve as a reminder of how much they miss dads who have left this earth.  Others may feel a sting because their fathers abandoned them. Children and fathers alike may feel bad hearing “happy Father’s Day” if their relationship is strained.  And sadly, some might grimace at the suggestion that we honor our fathers when they are still in pain over some abuse that took place in their past.

There is nothing wrong with a good Father’s day message lauding the importance of fathers in society, and certainly it is okay to recognize those who took their post and are serving as loving providers and protectors who cherish their children.  But what about those who aren’t inclined to have a “happy Father’s Day?”  Is there a message for them?  The answer is a resounding “YES!” For all of these people, I offer this inspired worship line from the book of Psalms:

God in His holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows. (Psalm 68:5 HCSB)

As the Psalmist says to Christians everywhere:  You have a Father in the spiritual realm. So if you are sad or angry with physical human relationships, tune into the spiritual. Your heavenly Father loves and cherishes you. He accepts you and offers you an identity.  You have a Father who provides and protects.  You are not fatherless or void of a “good father.”  You have these things in the eternal realm. You may not see Him in physical form, but He is every bit as real as any dad walking the earth today.  So receive His love, receive His acceptance, realize His spiritual presence, and trust His provision and protection.

Let me say to all of you in the blogosphere a belated, “happy Father’s Day.”  And if it wasn’t “happy” for you, just remember this altered version of a song from my high school days (sorry Olivia Newton John):

Let’s get spiritual, spiritual
I wanna get spiritual…. let’s get into spiritual
Listen to the Spirit talk, the Spirit talk – Listen to the Spirit talk

Let’s get…. okay, Happy Father’s Day.


One thought on “Happy Father’s Day…or is it?

  1. I am one of those who’s father has passed away and I do miss him very much he was not perfect to my astonishment. And I did have a couple of huge surprises in learning about my father. But praise God He is prefect and in that prefect love allows us to overcome ourselves and love unconditionally.


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